Economics of an energy efficient home

Behold the IKAROS house. Built in Germany by the University of Applied Sciences (Rosenheim), this house aims to be completely self-sustainable. The build uses a wealth of green technology like natural ventilation, solar panels and vacuum insulation panels, as well as efficient mechanical systems. “Yeah, yeah,” I hear all you inspired economists saying. “But what’s it cost and what’s the ROI?”

The IKAROS house reportedly costs €275,000 (£239,027, $362,800) to build but will save a family of four around €4,600 (£4,000, $6,000) in energy costs every year. According to Inhabitat, that makes the house a net money producer, since it generates more energy than it uses.

The IKAROS house was unveiled in 2010 during the European Solar Decathlon. While it is still not commercially available, the lessons learned from IKAROS can help you to get a ‘green’ home without breaking the bank.

Research has shown that homebuyers are willing to pay upwards of an extra £24,500 ($37,500) for a green home with the promise to save money in the longer term.  So if you’re looking to buy a home or you’re a homebuilder looking to create homes people really want, how do you go about creating the ultimate energy-efficient home?

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